Independent journalism

Meet the Senator at COP26 Who Helped Tank Key California Climate Bills (Capital & Main, 2021)

How the Federal Justice System Sentenced Two Black Lives Matter Protesters (Type Investigations, 2021)

In Protecting Good Oil and Gas Jobs, Some California Trade Unions Clash With Climate Activists (Capital & Main, 2021)

Amplify Energy Cashed Out Cleanup Fund While Racking Up Violations (Capital & Main, 2021)

Before Oil Spill, Long Beach Approved 20-Year Pipeline Pump Station Lease (Capital & Main, 2021)

In search of ‘Lithium Valley’: why energy companies see riches in the California desert (The Guardian, 2021)

California Oil Industry Continues to Thwart Climate-Related Bills (Capital & Main, 2021)

L.A. County Will Shut Down Miles of Urban Oil Fields (Capital & Main, 2021)

Biden is expanding Trump’s war on “domestic violent extremism” – and it’s sweeping up Black people (The Intercept, 2021)

Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Suspected at Oil Sites Across California (Capital & Main, 2021)

California Oil Lobby Seeks to Strip Environmental Protections for Groundwater Amid Drought (Capital & Main, 2021)

Why Big Climate Bills Keep Dying in the California Senate (Capital & Main, 2021)

In cities where police gassed protesters, Guardian investigation finds history of racial oppression and struggle to implement reforms (The Guardian, 2021)

Guardian investigation finds FBI failing to collect data from police departments on use of force (The Guardian, 2021)

California Oil Industry Spends Millions Fighting Climate Bills (Capital & Main, 2021)

How California Oil Spillers Fend Off New Climate Laws (Capital & Main, 2021)

California’s legacy of DDT waste: underwater dump site uncovers a toxic history (The Guardian, 2021).

California Is Greenlighting Oil Wells Linked to Groundwater Pollution (Capital & Main, 2021).

Emails Raise Questions About Chevron’s Bay Area Oil Spill Response (Capital & Main, 2021).

A California town was promised police reform – then police got involved (The Guardian, 2021).

The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Last Stand in California Oil Country (Capital & Main, 2021).

We got crushed at Trump’s inaugural. Police went easy on Capitol rioters (Washington Post, 2021)

Oil and Gas Industry Fights New Regulations in Ventura County (Capital & Main, 2021)

Federal prosecutors hold protesters for months pretrial (Type Investigations/Reveal, 2020)

Federal prosecutors engaged in unprecedented push to jail protesters before trial (Type Investigations/The Intercept, 2020)

Prisoners describe official missteps at the center of Michigan’s worst coronavirus outbreak (The Intercept, 2020)

When Innocent Until Proven Guilty Costs $400 a Month—and Your Freedom (VICE/The Bail Project, 2020)

As COVID-19 deaths mount in Michigan prisons, the review of questionable convictions has slowed, leaving prisoners vulnerable to the disease (Type Investigations/The Appeal, 2020)

How Democrats Abetted Trump’s Bloated Border Regime (The New Republic, 2020)

How Trump Created Chaos on the Border (Type Investigations/The New Republic, 2019)

To help first-generation students succeed, colleges enlist their parents (The Hechinger Report, 2019)

Universities try to catch up to their growing Latinx populations (The Hechinger Report/Pacific Standard, 2019)

New Mexico’s GOP establishment treats border militias as the good guys (The New Republic, 2019)

How Trump’s border wall perpetuates a legacy of colonialism on the Rio Grande (The Intercept, 2019)

New Mexico Could Be Next State to Fully Legalize Pot (Rolling Stone, 2019)

The whitest news you know: The false promise of a free press for everybody (The Baffler, 2019)

New Mexico: Telling the whole healthcare reform story (Columbia Journalism Review, 2018)

Why the people who live in San Juan County, Utah, feel like they’ve been caught in the middle of a monumental land grab (Topic, 2018)

Trump’s Border Security May Search Your Social Media by ‘Tone’ (The Nation, 2017)

Money Talks: When truth becomes an effect of power, power can’t be checked by truth (Real Life, 2017)

Terrorism and the Biometrics Hustle: Will biometrics really keep us “safe”? (Washington Spectator, 2016)

Druze Arabs in the occupied Golan Heights discuss borders, identity, colonialism and war (Mondoweiss, 2016)

An old case sheds new light on police abuse in the crack era, raising doubts about old convictions, and exposing the collateral costs of Detroit’s drug war (The Intercept, 2015)

Blood on the tracks: The short life and mysterious death of Deion Fludd (Al Jazeera America, 2015)

NYers fear gas pipeline near nuclear reactor could spell disaster (Al Jazeera America, 2015)

A program that aims to serve as an ‘early warning system’ to prevent violent acts divides American Muslim leaders (Al Jazeera America, 2015)

The Near-Term Extinction Movement Is Embracing the End Times (Vice’s Motherboard, 2015)

Oakland Residents Respond as the Largest Police Training in the World Invades (The Nation, 2015)

A Massive Amount of Death Is Plaguing the World’s Oceans (Vice News, 2015)

Texas Pipeline Company Admits Santa Barbara Oil Spill Was 40 Percent Larger Than Estimated (Vice News, 2015)

It Turns Out bin Laden Was Worried About Climate Change (Vice News, 2015)

Former ExxonMobil Scientist Says the Company Has Long Known of Its Climate Change Impacts (Vice News, 2015)

Anti-Gentrification Protesters Vs. Brooklyn Real Estate Summit (Gothamist, 2015)

After a grand jury fails to indict the officer who killed the father of six, the movement for police accountability continues to grow (The Nation, 2014)

The growing criminalization of homelessness: How developers and politicians create urban ‘social hygiene’ campaigns (Al Jazeera America, 2014)

Why Do Police Unions in New York Want to Repeal the End Discriminatory Profiling Act? (Truthout, 2014)

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